Why Choose Us

With so many options available, how do you know you're choosing the best for your eyes?

Why choose Noosa Optical

With so many options available, how do you know you're choosing the best for your eyes?

Noosa Optical is the longest established Optometrist practice in Noosa. So why choose us? Here are some of the main reasons that set us apart from our competitors:

Independent Optometrist

We’re a 100% independent Optometrist. In other words, Noosa Optical is not a large retail company or franchise chain. We’re free to prescribe what’s best for you. The primary focus of our Optometrists is your long term eye health and vision. In addition, our optical dispensers have access to a complete range of prescription lenses. They can fill complicated prescriptions and are free to source unique eyewear.

Australian Made Eyewear

We source Australian made eyewear. Our range of products also includes spectacle frames made on the Sunshine Coast. Our prescription spectacle lenses are supplied through Australian laboratories. We assemble spectacles on site and our access to local repair centres means we can also repair your glasses locally. To be direct, we don’t focus on cheap imports. We look for local quality and service.

World Class Technology by Zeiss

Noosa Optical has invested in world class technology by Zeiss, because basic technology just isn’t good enough. Our equipment isn’t for show. It’s gold standard. Therefore, our Optometrists can diagnose and manage your eye health, accurately. The best way to protect your eye health, is accurate and early detection. Early detection relies upon the precision of the equipment. 

More Consultation Time Per Patient

We allocate 40 minutes to each appointment, so we’re flexible to fully understand your individual needs.  In other words, our Optometrists have the time to go beyond just a basic screening for glasses.  We’ll complete a detailed vision assessment followed by a comprehensive eye health check. There will be time to discuss your results along the way. After that, we’ll provide a personalised recommendation rather than a one size fits all fix.

Part Of The Community

Noosa Optical is a local business and we live, shop and work locally. We’ve worked with local kindergarten and primary schools, providing a free community service to local children between the ages of 3-6 years at participating schools. We support the Australian branch of Optometry Giving Sight and also Lions Recycle for Sight.

We Won’t Compromise Your Vision

When it comes to spectacle frames and lenses, you get what you pay for. We won’t compromise your vision with inferior products. There are vast differences in the quality of eyewear. For that reason, we’ll give you the facts, so you can make an informed decision. Certainly the choice of lens is important, but a good quality frame will also influence the outcome of your vision.

Eye Care For The Whole Family

We’re here to provide eye care for the whole family. The chances are we look after you, your children and in many cases your parents as well. We provide eye health checks for children from 6 months of age up to 16 years, probably the most important years. Furthermore, Medicare will fully reimburse our consultation fees for kids.

Long Term Vision Solutions

Our view is that a long term vision solution is best for you. In other words, helping you to achieve the best possible vision, for the longest possible time. We start with preventative eye health care for earlier diagnosis. In addition, we’ll support your vision with quality eyewear which lasts longer and ultimately, costs you less.


LINDBERG frames are unlike any other spectacle frame. You choose the shape, materials and size. Your frame is then made to order. Exceptionally designed and crafted from premium materials, LINDBERG frames have no screws, rivets, or welds. So they are remarkably strong, yet lightweight. We are the only stockist on the Sunshine Coast.

Continuity Of Clinical Eyecare

Continuity of clinical eyecare means you’ll see the same Optometrist today and in years to come. So, we’ll understand your history and can monitor even minor changes in your eye health and vision. We get to know your eyes, so you don’t have to re-introduce us every time. Moreover, Noosa is our home and we’re here for the long term, rather than a short stint.

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