Complete Eye Test

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Complete Eye Test

We do more than a basic eye test for glasses

A complete eye test will provide you with a more comprehensive level of eye health care. We do more than just a basic eyesight test or vision check. Our appointments are longer, so our Optometrists have more time with you to deliver an extensive eye exam.

Why? To help you enjoy a lifetime of healthy eyesight and comfortable vision. We won’t compromise your eye health and vision, and we believe neither should you.

A complete eye test

A complete eye test will cover the below points.

Understanding you

The first step in a complete eye test is understanding you. For that reason, we’ll discuss your general health, eye health, vision needs and lifestyle to deliver a holistic, personalised eye and vision care solution.

Eye health checks

The Optometrist will examine the internal and external health of your eyes. This is done through a series of procedures using world class eye testing technology, such as Optical Coherence Tomography. Your eyes will be checked for signs of eye disease such as UV damage and other general health conditions. The Optometrist will check for glaucoma, macular degeneration and retinal lesions amongst other conditions.

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Testing eye focusing

The sharpness of your vision will be tested at multiple distances. We do this using up to three different techniques. Consequently we will accurately identify your need for, or any changes in eyewear. The Optometrist will translate the results into an eyewear prescription.

Eye coordination tests

We’ll test how well your eyes work together as a team. Misalignment can be responsible for double vision, fatigue and headaches. Furthermore, in children, this can lead to problems learning.

Eye protection

The safety of your eyes is important. Consequently, we’ll discuss your workplace and leisure activities. We will recommend protective eyewear such as UV and glare protection and also certified impact resistant eyewear where necessary.

Lens advice

Lenses are not all created equal. Rather than prescribing old lens designs, we embrace the latest, tailored lens technology because one design doesn’t fit all. So you can expect the best vision possible. Moreover, the lenses you will be looking through must be well positioned by the frame. So we’ll discuss the best frame solution specific to your anatomy, work, sporting activities and hobbies.

Contact lens suitability

We will provide preliminary advice on your suitability for contact lenses. Therefore you can consider including them as part of a flexible eyewear solution. 

Health and lifestyle

The Optometrist will provide appropriate advice regarding your general health and lifestyle. The impact of diet and lifestyle choices on your eye health and vision is vital to maintaining lifelong vision. So we will discuss this with you.

Eye medications

Therapeutic endorsement means the Optometrist can prescribe medications to treat eye conditions. Consequently, you will only be referred for more serious conditions. For example, those that require specialised medical or surgical treatment by an Ophthalmologist.

Total solution and eyecare plan

Finally, we will combine all the elements of our complete eye test. Hence, you’ll receive a personalised eyecare recommendation and also a future eyecare plan. Furthermore, we’ll take the time to suggest alternatives. We’ll provide you with the facts to make an informed decision.

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