Contact Us during COVID-19

We Are Still Available During COVID-19

Catherine is continuing to see patients who require an urgent consultation at this time. She is providing telephone consultations for patients where appropriate. 

What is Urgent & Essential Eye Care?

If your situation is an emergency and requires immediate medical attention, we recommend you attend your local hospital emergency department.

The following are considered urgent:

Vision changes:
  • Sudden loss of all / part of vision
  • New flashing lights and/or floaters
  • Seeing halos, or circles around lights
  • Sudden double vision
  • Sudden and persistent blurred vision
Sore eyes:
  • Red painful eye (one eye)
  • Accident or injury to an eye (non-emergency)
  • Something in your eye
  • Bulging or swelling of the eye
Contact lens concerns:
  • Contact lens complication
  • Ordering new contact lenses
  • Delivery of contact lenses to your home
Glasses concerns:
  • Broken glasses need repair
  • Lost glasses need replacement
  • Ordering new glasses (urgent & essential need)
  • Collection of glasses that have been ordered
Other concerns:
  • Your GP referred you
  • You are anxious about your eyes and vision
  • You need an updated referral letter for ongoing Ophthalmologist care

How to Contact Us at this time:

1. Call 54473711 and leave a message.

We will receive your message and our Optometrist will personally contact you. Please be sure to leave the following information:

  • Name
  • Best contact number
  • Your concerns

2. Send us a message

Book online, available times in real time

Or call us during normal business hours on (07) 5447 3711